Everything you Need to Know for the Best Start to Painting in Watercolor

Easy Step-by-Step Instruction to Get the Basics Down

Your Instructor

Debbie Reeve

Debbie has been a practicing artist for over 40 years and has taught all over the world. She brings her expertise to the course in easy to follow steps that help students build a great foundation in painting.

Here's What Students are Saying

"Debbie is very accomplished and she has many tricks up her sleeves that she is very willing to share with her students!"  Francine *** "Debbie is a fantastic instructor! She moves at just the right pace, gives very clear, understandable directions, and is so patient." Lily S *** “I saw the end picture and thought ‘No way I can do that’. Two hours later, with Debbie’s fun guidance I made a picture I’m proud to hang in my office”. Debbie A (aka BirchBabe) *** Debbie has the ability to help me grow into the artist I want to be. Debbie is a dynamic teacher. Barb W

Watercolor for Beginners

Module 1

Great for the Complete Beginner or the struggling Watercolor Painter to create a great foundation for learning the basic skills that make watercolor painting almost easy! All lessons are downloadable to work at your own pace. At the end of this module you will have the best skills and tools to begin your watercolor journey. *You will complete two paintings *Create and Understand the color wheel *Create a color chart for mixing and choosing colors *Learn the 3 Paint Consistencies *The 3 Stages of Wet *Wet in Wet Technique *Graded Wash* Layering Colors* Lifting Paint* Applying and Lifting Masking Fluid ........ and so much more.

Watercolor for Beginners

Module 1

  • 1

    Start Your Journey

  • 2

    Tools For Success

    • Brushes

    • Paper

    • Paints

    • Bits and Bobs

    • Supply Sheet

    • Where to Purchase Supplies

  • 3

    Know Thy Paint 1

    • Paint Qualities Demo

    • Paint Qualities 2

    • Paint Qualities 3

    • Chapter 3 Quiz

  • 4

    Know Thy Paint 2

    • Color Chart Demo Part 1

    • Color Chart Demo Part 2

    • Color Chart Self-Evaluation

    • Chapter 4 Review

  • 5

    Flower Demo

  • 6

    Color Wheel

    • Color Wheel Explanation

    • Color Wheel Examples

    • Color Wheel Painting 1

    • Color Wheel Painting 2

    • Color Test

    • Quiz - Understanding the Color Wheel

  • 7

    Stretching Paper

    • Stretching Paper (Ugh!)

  • 8

    Putting It All Together


  • How long is the Course?

    The course content is equivalent to a week long intensive workshop. You can work at your own pace, and download any lesson so you can have lifetime access to the information.

  • What supplies do I need and how much will they cost?

    Purchasing the right tools for the job is so important to watercolor painting that I had dedicated a whole chapter on what to buy, so please don't purchase anything new until you watch these videos. You will basically only need 7-8 small tubes of paint, 2 -3 brushes, a pallette, one large sheet of Artist quality Watercolor Paper and a few sheets of student grade. I give recommendations of where to buy online supplies in course.

  • What is included in Module 1.

    *You will complete two paintings *Create and Understand the color wheel *Create a color chart for mixing and choosing colors *Learn the 3 Paint Consistencies *The 3 Stages of Wet *Wet in Wet Technique*Graded Wash*Layering Colors*Lifting Paint*Applying and Lifting Masking Fluid........ and so much more.

  • What is your money back guarantee?

    I hope you will be delighted with your course, however if you are not happy with the course you will receive a full refund within 7 days of your course access.

Modules 2 - 4

Building on Your Foundation

Here's some of what we will cover in Module 2 - 4:***************************************** Watercolor Techniques: *Softening the edge, *glazing, *layering, *mixing media, *pen and ink, *lifting, *scraping in and scraping out, *scoring.......too many to list. ************************************************************************************************** How to Paint: *water, *water reflections *trees, *landscapes, *animals, *still life, and *flowers. ******** How to loosen up your painting style ******* How to create depth and form ***** all while teaching principles of *design, *color theory, *color harmony, *drawing and *composition, **********and so much more.
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