Paint Your Pet in Watercolor

This course is for students that have some experience in Watercolor. 

Using a mixed media approach of combining fluid acrylic and traditional watercolor techniques you can create your one-of-a-kind painting of your pet.

No drawing experience is necessary in this step-by-step method of capturing the essence of your pet.

The bonus section includes a method of framing your without glass. 

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • A message from your instructor

    • How to use this course

    • Before we begin...

    • Reference Photo

    • What You Will Need for this Course

    • 5 Drawing Cheats for a Great Painting

  • 2

    Let's get started!

    • Prep Your Pet

    • Paint Your Pet 2

    • Paint Your Pet 3

    • Paint Your Pet 4

    • Paint Your Pet 5

    • Paint Your Pet 6

    • BONUS Framing Options

  • 3

    Next Steps...

    • More resources for you

    • Before you go...

Your Instructor

Debbie Reeve

Debbie has been a practicing artist for over 40 years and has taught all over the world. She brings her expertise to the course in easy to follow steps that help students build a great foundation in painting.

Here's What Students are Saying

"Debbie is very accomplished and she has many tricks up her sleeves that she is very willing to share with her students!"  Francine B ************************************** ************* "Debbie is a fantastic instructor! She moves at just the right pace, gives very clear, understandable directions, and is so patient." Lily S *************************************************** “I saw the end picture and thought ‘No way I can do that’. Two hours later, with Debbie’s fun guidance I made a picture I’m proud to hang in my office”. Debbie A (aka BirchBabe) ************************************************************** Debbie has the ability to help me grow into the artist I want to be. Debbie is a dynamic teacher. Barb W*******************